Green Circuits Q2 Analysis

The second quarter at Green Circuits was a testament to our commitment to constantly improve the quality, efficiency, and accountability of our services and capabilities for our customers and our community.

As our customer’s PCB applications continue to evolve, so do our PCBA Prototype, Fabrication and Assembly services. At Green Circuits, we are continuing to expand our technical capabilities, regional reach, and ecological responsibility.

Our Sales and Customer Support teams have grown to serve new and expanded markets throughout the US with the same care and quality that our current network of customers rely on. As we continue to expand into new regions, we recognize the importance of responsible practices in our manufacturing process. We are proud to support ICP Cares on its mission to provide Electronics for a Better World.

Take Your Project To The Next Level With Green Circuits


Efficiently Meeting Consumer Demand

Extensively trained teams operate Green Circuits’ advanced equipment to optimize production and accelerate your time to market while providing you with reliable, premium quality products.

The most recent additions to Green Circuits’ equipment lines include a versatile thermal chamber and a Juki FXL placement robot. These additions offer you advanced testing, flexible scalability and the ability to efficiently meet consumer demand.

The Tenney T2 Thermal Chamber simulates environmental conditions and enables our team to gauge how your product performs in rugged environments with exposure to humidity and extreme temperatures. The Juki FX-3, Placement Robot is a game-changer, precisely and quickly placing PCB components, up to 60,000 components per hour (4 times faster than other Jukis!) and has large-volume production capabilities.


Surpassing The Industry Standard

Utilizing quality components, exceeding performance expectations and meeting legal, statutory and customer requirements is just the start of improving customer satisfaction. Green Circuits’ Quality Management System guarantees effectiveness and industry compliance by obtaining industry-recognized certifications, like Green Circuits’ renewed ISO 9001: 2015 certification.


Electronics For A Better World

Green Circuits is proud to support IPC Cares, on its mission to provide Electronics for a Better World, learn more about IPC Cares and its work with this year’s chosen charity, Hospitality Recycling.


Reaching New Regions
Nino Hardin had joined Green Circuits as the Regional Sales Manager for the Southwest Region. With more than 10 years of experience in the Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Services Industry, he has a specialized expertise that allows him to serve customers with exceptional communication and attention to detail.
Kevin Kriss has joined Green Circuits as the Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast Region. Kevin has almost 20 years of experience in the Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Services industry, with a specialized focus in Electronics. With extensive expertise, knowledge and thoroughness, Kevin is a great asset to the customers that he serves.

About Green Circuits: An Experienced Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider

Green Circuits is an experienced ITAR, ISO 13485 and AS-9100 Certified electronics manufacturer, specializing in quick-turn PCB design, prototype, and production assembly. Green’s experts ensure product reliability and accuracy by performing thorough inspections and tests, using state-of-the-art equipment in our ESD-controlled facility. Green Circuits provides proactive communication with all product-involved teams throughout the manufacturing process, procurement of quality components from trusted supply chain partners and a thorough understanding of Industry Standards and custom manufacturing requirements.

Green Circuits enables firms of all sizes to improve their production cycle while reducing manufacturing time and costs by providing an array of turnkey manufacturing services to meet the unique requirements throughout all phases of your product’s life-cycle.