Leadership Team

Joseph O’Neil


As the CEO of  Green Circuits, Joe O’Neil is responsible for overseeing operations at Green Circuits. In addition to being the CEO of Green Circuits,…Full Bio

Michael Nguyen

VP Engineering

As the VP or Engineering, Michael is responsible for all product development, technical resolutions- and is committed to developing and implementing s…Full Bio

Joe Garcia

VP Sales & Marketing

As the VP of Sales and Marketing, Joe Garcia is responsible for developing and maintaining long-term relationships on behalf of Green Circuits with cu…Full Bio

Ted Park


As COO/CTO of Green Circuits, Ted Park is responsible for securing the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth with Green…Full Bio

Tuan Tran

Director of Customer Engagement

Tuan Tran is the Director of Customer Engagement at Green Circuits and co-Founder of Power Design Services (PDS). As Director of Customer Engagement,…Full Bio

Truc Nguyen

Director of Quality

As the Director of Quality at Green Circuits, Truc Nguyen is responsible for maintaining and improving Green Circuits’ Quality Management Systems to f…Full Bio