Advanced PCB Assembly Services That Keep Pace with Technology

PCB Design, Assembly and Manufacturing

Let’s say your business wishes to move forward with a bold new electronic application. Your first step toward production is finding a contractor who offers PCB assembly services advanced enough to handle your innovative concept.

As today’s electronic applications become more complex, the challenges of producing quality printed circuit board prototypes grow.

Through continual training and investment in our employees and equipment, Green Circuits has kept up with the breakneck pace of increasingly sophisticated applications.

We have a record of successfully completing complicated projects. Clients such as Apple, NASA, Toshiba and Linear Technology have used our array of advanced PCB assembly services when deadlines are tight and marketing stakes are high.

How We Are Able to Deliver Advanced PCB Assembly Services

Here are some of the reasons why our our extensive client base has chosen printed circuit board assembly services from GC:

  • Superior resources. Green Circuits possesses Silicon Valley’s most up-to-date technology for designing, fabricating and assembling PCBs. Our team of excellent engineers and technicians is continually training, to keep their skills sharp. We have remarkable machines such as the Juki KE-3020XL flexible mounter and the Tektronix TBS 1064 oscilloscope at your disposal.
  • Complex, custom printed circuit board assembly is a specialty. Our employees have extensive experience with all types of groundbreaking applications, including NASA Nano satellites and Freedom Innovations’ bionic knee. For these types of projects, we’re capable of producing both flex and flex-rigid boards quickly and expertly, as well as high-density, multi-layered components that require a range of materials, and BGA orders that require a high degree of precision.
  • An operation built for quick turnarounds. Green Circuits takes deadlines very seriously. We realize we’re just one link in your production schedule, so our process is carefully coordinated, beginning with delivery of quotes within hours of your request. Employees often work after-hours on expedited projects, so even our clients outside the U.S. can depend on a quality printed circuit board prototype within 24 hours. Mineta San Jose International Airport, minutes away from our headquarters, facilitates fast shipping times. 
  • High standards of quality. With Green Circuits’ rigorous testing systems, you are assured that every prototype we create gives your application the greatest chance for success. Implementing a proven ISO 9000 and ITAR Certified work process, our knowledgable employees produce custom PCBs of amazing quality. Scrupulous testing of prototypes also facilitates fast production by minimizing time-consuming and costly rework orders. 
  • We perform all work in-house. Every project we undertake is handled by Green Circuits employees, trained and overseen by us. We never hire sub-contractors, some of whom may not share our dedication for fast production of quality PCB prototypes. Instead, our employees work side-by-side in our San Jose plant, coordinating their efforts to produce the very best results for our clients.

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