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Green Circuits to Spotlight Expertise in Robotics for Industrial Automation at Automate Show

SAN JOSE, CA ― March 2024 ― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, is excited to showcase its proficiency in robotics for industrial automation at the highly anticipated Automate Show. The event is scheduled to take place May 6-9, 2024 in Chicago and serves as a premier platform for industry […]

Green Circuits Enhances Capabilities with Acquisition of Ultra High Precision Conformal Coating Machine

SAN JOSE, CA ― March 2024― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, pleased to announce the expansion of its capabilities with the acquisition of the iCoat-5 JetSelect Ultra High Precision Conformal Coating Machine from Anda Technologies. The addition of conformal coating capability to its ser […]

Green Circuits Named 2023 EMS Company of the Year by Circuits Assembly

SAN JOSE, CA ― December 2023 ― Green Circuits, Inc., a leading provider of high-speed, high-complexity board assembly services, proudly announces its recognition as the 2023 EMS Company of the Year by Circuits Assembly, a prestigious honor that highlights the company’s commitment to excellence in the electronics manufacturing services industry. Thi […]

Green Circuits Presents PCB Solutions for Satellite Assembly at Satellite 2024

SAN JOSE, CA ― February 2024― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, proudly announces its participation in the Satellite 2024 Conference & Exhibition, scheduled to take place March 19-21, 2024 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. An IPC J-STD-001 certified co […]

Green Circuits Showcases Cutting-Edge PCB Solutions for Healthcare Innovation at MD&M West

SAN JOSE, CA ― January 2024― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, proudly announces its participation in MD&M West, scheduled to take place from Feb. 6-8, 2024 at The Anaheim Convention Center in California. As an ISO-13485-certified company, Green Circuits will showcase its cutting-ed […]

Green Circuits Adds Double-Sided Flying Probe

SAN JOSE, CA ― May 2023 ― Green Circuits, Inc., a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, is pleased to announce the addition of a Takaya Double-Sided Flying Probe to help streamline the testing process for complex PCBs. This state-of-the-art tool allows Green Circuits to test double-sided and multilayer PCBs […]

Green Circuits Wins 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award for Contract Manufacturers $50-100 Million

SAN JOSE, CA ― November 2023 ― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, is proud to announce its recent achievement of winning the prestigious 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award in the Contract Manufacturers $50-100 Million category. The award ceremony took place during productronica in Munich on No […]

Green Circuits Achieves IPC Certification for J-STD-001 Space and Military Addendum, just in time for the upcoming Small Sat Space Show

SAN JOSE, CA ― August 2023 ― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, is proud to announce that it has achieved the prestigious IPC certification for J-STD-001 Space and Military Addendum. This certification is a testament to Green Circuits’ commitment to meeting the rigorous quality and envir […]

Green Circuits Names New CFO

SAN JOSE, CA ― April 2023― Green Circuits, Inc., a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Dutton, MBA to Chief Financial Officer. A senior finance executive, Dutton brings multi-industry experience with companies ranging from $90 million to $2.5 billion USD. I […]

Green Circuits Names Jennie Tran to Lead the Company’s TalentStrategy

SAN JOSE, CA ― April 2023― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jennie Tran as its new Senior Director of Human Resources. With more than 20 years of experience in human resources, Tran brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Green Circuits. […]

Green Circuits Appoints Vice President, Sales & Marketing

SAN JOSE, CA ― March 2023 ― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Szychowski to Vice President, Sales & Marketing. An award-winning sales and marketing leader, Szychowski has more than 20 years of experience in starting up, turning around, […]

Green Circuits’ Leads the EMS Industry with Commitment to Customers and Innovation

A full-service electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, Green Circuits provides high-quality design, prototyping and full-scale production services for all types of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and complex systems. As a leader in the industry, Green Circuits has more than 30 years of experience culminating in an extensive […]

Green Circuits Sees Strong Growth with New CEO

SAN JOSE, CA ― January 2023― Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, is pleased to announce that the appointment of its new CEO, Michael Hinshaw, has led to growth significantly outpacing the market while delivering exceptional performance serving highly sophisticated and demanding customers […]

PCB Electronic Assemblies Built in America

For high-quality, low-cost electronic assemblies built in America, come to Green Circuits. Consistency, accuracy and competitive pricing have helped our global clients reduce production time and costs significantly. Manufacturing companies in the US and across the world partner with us to improve their market share. Need to streamline your pro […]

Electronic Assembly Services

We Provide PCB and Flex Circuit Design, Fabrication and Assembly for Your Innovative Product Ideas Green Circuits simplifies the complex process of product development by providing printed circuit board design, manufacturing and electronic assembly services under one roof – a valuable business partner for you! Companies such as Texas Instruments, T […]

Cable and Harness Assembly Services

Cable Manufacturing Done to Your Specs and Satisfaction The electronic manufacturing veterans at Green Circuits take pride in the fact every phase of our harness and cable assembly service is completed meticulously. Looking for cable assembly services with quick turnaround? A San Jose-based PCB and cable designer, assembler, and manufacturer of pro […]

When to Use Flex Circuit vs. Rigid Circuit Boards

Rigid circuit boards remain the most common form of Printed Circuit fabrication. However, as consumer demand for smaller devices increases, manufacturers and engineers are face with the challenge of enabling increased performance in smaller and smaller form factors to meet consumer preferences.  This continued drive to smaller, faster, cheap is a l […]

PCB Assemblies Flying Probe Test Guidelines

Over the last few years, flying probe test have become an increasingly popular test method, in comparison to traditional PCBA in-circuit tests, due to less stringent design requirements and the elimination of high fixturing and programming costs. Flying probe testing doesn’t require a dedicated testing fixture and can easily adapt to different PCBA […]

PCB Design Service

Green Circuits’ PCB design service is often a customer’s introduction to our company. In the highly-competitive field of printed circuit board design, assembly, and fabrication, our designers understand that they must go the extra mile in order to win a customer’s business.

High Speed PCB Design

Green Circuits’ experts work closely with customers to provide consulting and guidance for EMC and SI design throughout the PCB design process.

Common Failure Modes of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

When a PCB in your smartphone fails, it affects your professional and personal life. PCB failure in a medical device can have far-reaching consequences and affect patient safety. How can common PCB failures be avoided?

How We Manage Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Green Circuits enables firms of all sizes to improve their production cycle while reducing manufacturing time and costs by providing an array of turnkey PCB assembly and manufacturing services to meet the needs and requirements of all production sizes within tight deadlines. Green Circuits works side-by-side with your engineers and project managers […]

Assembly Manufacturing: Advantages of DFM

DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is a highly-recommended two-part process to help catch and prevent mistakes that can threaten product manufacturing and product performance. Pre-manufacturing DFM can be performed at the receipt of data from the customer before manufacturing- but is usually done at the quoting stage or after receipt of the purchase or […]

Green Circuits’ SMT Expansion

Green Circuits’ SMT expansion offers increased capacity, more thorough inspections, and additional capabilities to meet customer demands.

Successful Flex Circuit Design Guidelines

With the use of sensors and technology in everything from mobile phones to refrigerators to automobiles to wearable medical devices, circuit boards are a component in many different types of products. In today’s world of electronics, any product with an on/off switch contains a circuit board. Due to their versatility, the use of flex circuits is on […]

Flex Circuit Manufacturing

Flexible Circuit Design, Manufacturing, & Assembly Turn-Key Solutions For Single-Sided/Double-Sided Flexible Circuits Using the latest flexible circuit equipment and strict quality-control rules, Green Circuits’ printed flex circuit capabilities can offer any business fast turnarounds on medium-volume orders. A leader in the printed flex c […]

Green Circuits is Protecting National Security Alongside an Innovative Counter Drone Company

Green Circuits has provided fast, quality, and high-volume manufacturing and assembly of complex circuit board development for system-critical components. Green Circuits delivered custom-orders in 5 business days or less. The Counter Drone Company’s PCB project utilized Green Circuits’ full turnkey design and engineering services, including PCB pro […]

Common PCB Failure Modes and How We Avoid Them

Green Circuits’ process for designing and fabricating high-level printed circuit boards avoids common PCB failure modes that often occur in the electronics industry. Shortcomings during the initial manufacturing process lead to many printed circuit board failures. The electronic product may also fail in later stages of development. The Green Circui […]

Quick Turn PCB Prototype Expertise

We Have the Quick Turn PCB Prototype Expertise You Need Your company needs Green Ciruits’ expertise in quick-turn PCB prototypes to launch your fledgling electronic product. Our approach to printed circuit board prototype manufacturing is team-based. The founders of Green Circuits started the company to provide a vitally needed service – quality PC […]

Electronic Rework Services

Green Circuits specializes in PCB electronic rework and cost-effective updates/replacement of flex circuits and printed circuit boards. Every job is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee assuring you of quality and precision. Irrespective of whether your order is small or large, Green can get it back to you when you need. Veteran […]

Rigid Flex PCB Basic Layout Guidelines

Follow Our Rigid-Flex PCB Basic Layout Guidelines for Success Green Circuits produces durable rigid-flex PCBs that meet today’s challenge of flawless performance in applications for all types of industries. A hybrid of the best attributes of rigid and flex circuits, rigid-flex circuits and printed circuit boards perform at a higher level than conve […]

PCB Design Process

Many, but not all, of the design-techniques for good SI and EMC are overlapping. Taking care of one usually helps the other. One of the essential factors for good and cost effective design is early consideration of these factors, starting already at the concept-phase, through schematic capture and finally designing a PCB. Starting later in the desi […]

The Dark Side of PCB Assembly – Counterfeit Parts

Counterfeiting is a high-profile problem in many industries, from retail fashion to luxury goods and even the pharmaceutical sector. But few people realize just how big a problem counterfeiting is for manufacturers that rely on parts suppliers to deliver components and integrated circuits. The global electronics components supply industry does not […]

PCB Assembly with Obsolete Parts and Hard-to-Find Components

How important is an efficient supply chain for electronics manufacturing? Many companies take their supply chain for granted until they need an obsolete part or a hard-to-find component. Then the importance of having resourceful contract manufacturing partners becomes an incredibly valuable asset. Almost every contract manufacturer will eventually […]

Five Requirements for Full Electronic Development Partners

To create an innovative electronic product that excites consumers, your business needs the help of other companies in various associated industries. Selecting those development allies can be arduous. A single misstep can delay or even derail the best-laid plans for transforming an original idea into a market-ready product. How can you find companie […]

Making a Rigid Industry More Flexible

Why would printed circuit board (PCB) engineers turn a rigid board into a flex circuit? Up until a decade ago, they wouldn’t. Even if product schematics called for a flexible PCB design, engineers of yesteryear would usually just connect two or three small rigid boards with cables and approximate the shape of the flex circuit desired. This was a ti […]

What Makes Flex Circuit Assembly Different?

Every product with an on/off switch has some kind of circuit board inside of it. For the most part, manufacturers and consumers are used to seeing circuit boards in their traditional format – flat, rectangular boards inserted into flat, rectangular products like televisions and laptop computers. But new ergonomic product designs and the prolif […]

Building Custom Cables to Meet Your Applications

Building custom cables to meet the application needs of a client is common practice at Green Circuits. Our ability to customize cable assemblies is great news for many of our clients who are new to product development. Seeking to avoid taking on an “electrical engineering” project themselves, they are often initially dismayed to learn that other co […]

Sometimes Hand Assembly of PCBs Makes Sense

Green Circuits and other reputable PCB contractors fabricate the great majority of printed circuit boards through automated processes. The efficiency of automation has lowered overall costs, cut production time and results in PCBs of consistently high quality. However, even in these days of automated production, there are still instances when hand […]

When to Outsource Reworking Integrated Circuits on a PCB

The days when beginner-level soldering was suitable for reworking integrated circuits (ICs) on a PCB are long gone. Reworking modern PCBs often requires expert attention and surgical precision. Additionally, ball grid arrays, quad flat no-leads packages, and other common technologies typically require specialized equipment that manufacturers simply […]

New Product Introductions and Prototypes from a Company Built for Speed

The success of new product introduction (NPI) and prototypes in the electronics industry boils down to two major factors: Skillful development, andMinimizing the time from initial concept to market arrival Green Circuits opened its doors in 2003 with the revolutionary idea of providing a quick and effective process for NPIs and prototype creation. […]

Successful Box Build Projects Begin with Expert Planning

Box builds are quite different from straightforward printed circuit board manufacturing. The process of a box build often begins with inserting a PCB into a specially constructed enclosure. The next step – connecting the framed, printed circuit board to a sub-assembly – can be simple, or involve linking to complex electro-mechanical assemblies that […]

Advanced PCB Assembly Services That Keep Pace with Technology

To move forward with a bold new electronic application, the first step toward production is finding a contractor who offers PCB assembly services advanced enough to handle your innovative concept. As today’s electronic applications become more complex, the challenges of producing quality printed circuit board prototypes grow. Through continual trai […]

PCB Engineering Prototype Development That Assures Success

At Green Circuits, the management of PCB prototype development timelines and costs starts with our engineers. Their comprehensive knowledge of the process of producing quality printed circuit boards is the foundation of Green Circuits’ reputation for outstanding customer service. An experienced engineer can jumpstart your prototype development, kee […]

Flex Circuit Manufacturing for Innovative Product Design

High Quality Solutions to Reduce Manufacturing Cost and Time Flex and rigid flex circuits have become increasingly popular in the high-density electronics industry for their cost-saving three-dimensional configurations. The ability to build circuitry to fit the device instead of the other way around, offers significant advantages for complex aerosp […]

Why Use a California PCB Assembly Company?

High Quality Solutions to Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Time Consistent quality and better customer service from local companies have resulted in hundreds of manufacturers re-shoring their PCB assembly services. With world class technology and lean processes, contract manufacturers like Green Circuits have closed the gap on pricing, which was the […]

Testing Prototype Assembled PCBs — Who Should Do It?

The question is a fair one. Many of our clients ask us what the most efficient method for testing prototype assembled PCBs is, and whether we can help them get the job done quickly and efficiently. Some PCB manufacturers do their own prototype testing, and offer this as an additional service to clients, but at Green Circuits, we see this as a produ […]

What Is Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing?

Solutions to Accelerate Innovation and Garner Savings End-to-end PCB assembly by world-class companies like Green Circuits allows you to focus on your core competencies with the added benefits of reduced cost and time to market. From material procurement to circuit board design and manufacturing, and supply chain management, we serve your needs hel […]

Printed Circuit Board Documentation

A Guide to Successful Printed Circuit Board Documentation Green Circuits excels at creating prototype printed circuit boards for your innovative technologies. The process of taking a design from schematic to actual working prototype is a complex one; however, proper documentation supports simplification and success. Eliminate Second-Guessing: Good […]

Turning a Circuit Board into a BGA

Save Space and Money on PCB Assembly Have you ever thought of making a circuit board into a BGA?  It would make your total product smaller, costs less for assembly, requires fewer materials to manage…it’s a great idea.  Here’s an example of a happy customer who did just that with Green Circuits. Recently a customer came to GC with the ide […]

How to Effectively Shorten Your Supply Chain

Successful SCM strategies center on meeting customer needs quickly and at the lowest possible cost. The simplest way to do this is by integrating all the variables in your production and distribution processes.

Quick Turn PCB Prototype Assembly Time, Cost, and Benefits

Reduce Your Cost and Time to Market The PCB prototype assembly process at Green Circuits follows the same best practices as our complete turnkey production PCB services. Right from the initial design and layout review to selection and acquisition of the best parts, prototype assembly and testing, our goal is to help you achieve market viability wit […]

Tips for Faster Prototype PCB Assemblies

Find the Right Contract Manufacturing Partner  Lower your cost and reach your customers quicker by using a PCB Design and Engineering team that delivers a ready-to-manufacture prototype for your PCB assembly faster than your competitors. Our electronic prototype assembly experts offer these useful tips for easier assembly and quicker circuit b […]

Why a US Electronic Assembly Team Fits in Your Efficient Supply Chain Plans

Partnering with an established US electronic assembly team delivers a range of manufacturing benefits. In addition to proven quality, growing expertise in supply chain management and the ability to meet challenging time frames has led more US manufacturers to choose local partners. Your operations too will benefit from working with indigenous Silic […]

Challenges in Manufacturing Wearable Devices

Choose the Right PCB Assembly Service    From packaging to thermal management, recharging and data privacy, there are a variety of challenges in manufacturing wearable devices. Manufacturers and their design engineering teams must quickly embrace and resolve these obstacles to secure customer satisfaction, confidence and loyalty. It’s eas […]

Design for Manufacturability

The success of a product’s development and production begins with the design. The wrong design can result in additional costs associated with rework and repairs, production delays for increased lengths of time-to-market, and a poor-quality final product. To ensure your PCB is designed for manufacturability, Green Circuits Design and Assembly expert […]

Flexible Electronics Manufacturing Services Gets a Boost in Silicon Valley

New FHE MII to Boost Flexible Electronics Manufacturing in Silicon Valley Enhanced Workforce and Expanded Range of Services The flexible electronics manufacturing industry in Silicon Valley is excited about the proposed establishment of a Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) for Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE MII) in San Jose.  The annou […]

PCB Prototypes—Work Out Your Bugs Early

Do You Really Need to Make PCB Prototypes? PCB prototypes are essential tools to help you save on costs and resources. Taking the time to test your product design, circuits, and applications with a prototype means you can iron out any kinks before investing in volume orders. Often manufacturers use prototypes for tradeshows and pre-market testing. […]

Design Products with Flex Circuits in Mind

Flex Circuit Manufacturing: Designing Superior Flex Circuits Increases Your Productivity Modern flex circuit manufacturing ensures increased production time and greatly reduces the risk of expensive rework.  Products designed with flex circuits are especially beneficial for industries such as aerospace, military, and medical devices.  In […]

Made in America – PCB Design, Manufacturing and Assembly Solutions

Cheap PCB design and assembly services offshore had resulted in a seemingly endless number of projects shipped for completion outside the country. Green Circuits took up the ‘Made-in-America’ challenge to change that. We turned to specialization and enhanced engineering with automated assembly using the talent that helped build Silicon Valley. Toda […]