Quick-Turn PCB Assembly Services

End-To-End Printed Circuits Board (PCB) Assembly Services

Fast, reliable, and repeatable PCBA Manufacturing services from Green Circuits maximize quality and reduce cost!

Green Circuits turnkey PCB assembly services include prototype board design and assembly and medium-to-high-volume printed circuit board assembly.

From simple single-sided assemblies to complex densely populated fine pitch and BGA surface mount assemblies, the Green Circuits engineering team offers PCBA manufacturing solutions that are customized using our advanced production equipment.

Green Circuits PCB Assembly Capabilities Include:

  • Expertise in single, multi-layer flexible and rigid circuitry boards
  • Thorough design review prior to starting the assembly
  • Consignment or full turnkey solution
  • In-depth knowledge of various application requirements
  • Proficient in surface mounting, through-hole, and mixed technology
  • Prompt response to design changes, requirement updates, and questions
  • State-of-the-art advanced manufacturing equipment
  • Stringent quality inspections
  • Full compliance to RoHS5 & RoHS6 standards

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Why Green Circuits

Extensive Knowledge, Proven Quality, Consistent Execution, Full Turn-Key Operations, Established Supply Chain.

  • Quick Turn Quality PCB Assemblies: Excellence in rapid process engineering and product assembly at both the board and system level
  • Scalability: Flexible production capability and capacity to ramp from small prototypes lots to full-scale production
  • Complex Engineering: Multi-disciplinary capabilities solving complex issues. The people, the process, the equipment
  • Accelerating Time to Market: Responsiveness and service. Quotes in as little as a few hours; 24/7 service and support
  • Quality and Certifications: A proven Quality Management System and a culture of continuous improvement that pushes the envelope on technology, speed and responsiveness
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