PCB Assembly

Quick turn PCB assembly shortens the product development cycle and requires efficiency and precision. With an attention to detail and precise execution, Green Circuits offers end-to-end assembly services from prototype board design and assembly to medium-volume circuit board assembly.

With a broad range of manufacturing capabilities from simple single-sided assemblies to complex densely populated fine pitch and BGA surface mount assemblies, Green Circuits manufacturing lines are designed to achieve maximum performance in various application and technology sectors. While the lines are customized, common equipment platforms are used to allow efficient new product introduction and rapid transfer to production.

Green Circuits capabilities include:

  • Expertise in single, multi-layer flexible and rigid circuitry boards
  • Thorough design review prior to starting the assembly
  • Consignment or full turnkey solution
  • In-depth knowledge of various application requirements
  • Proficient in surface mounting, through-hole and mixed technology
  • Prompt response to design changes, requirement updates and questions
  • State-of-the-art advanced manufacturing equipment
  • Stringent quality inspections
  • Full compliance to RoHS5 & RoHS6 standards

Reliable, repeatable precision services maximizing quality and reducing cost

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  • Our Assembly Capabilities

  • Solder paste enhanced with precision.

    The XACT 4 SI can be used for the application of solder paste and / or glue onto PCBs, ceramics or glass substrates up to a size of 508 x 508 mm (20 x 20 inches). The well known standard EKRA screen and stencil holder has a flexible design which allows it to be used with all common stencils / screens up to 740 mm (29 inches).

    • Alignment repeatability: ± 12.5μm @ 6 Sigma
    • Cycle time: 10 s + print
    • Printing area up to 508 x 508 mm (20 x 20 inches)
    • 2 independent pneumatic driven print heads with precision proportional valves and closed-loop control
    • Flexible screen and stencil holder for all common screen / stencil sizes up to 740 mm (29 inches) without additional adapter.
  • Best flexible system for high-density placements.

    The ultra-flexible KE-2080 can place a wide range of components from 1005/0201/0402 and ICs, to odd-form, all at industry leading accuracy and speed.

    • Board Size: up to 510×460mm
    • Component Size:
      • Laser Recognition: 0402 ~ □33.5mm
      • Vision Recognition: 1.0×0.5mm*3~□48mm or 24×72mm
    • Placement Speed (chip): 
      • Optimum: 0.178Sec./chip(20,200CPH)
      • IPC9850: 16,700CPH
    • Placement Accuracy:
      • Laser Recognition: ±0.05mm(Cpk≧1)
      • Vision Recognition: ±0.03mm
    • One multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles) plus one high resolution head (1 nozzle)
    • Vision centering system (featuring bottom, side, and back lighting, all ball recognition and split recognition)
  • Maximum Thermal Performance.

    The OmniMax platform offers a combination of industry proven technologies in an easy to use, reliable and efficient reflow system for high-end production requirements. From lead-free to hybrid processing, the OmniMax 10 zone oven delivers high performance thermal processing. The OmniMax sets the standard in innovative technologies that save on lowest power and nitrogen consumption rates.

    • Uses a dual IsoThermal chamber approach that produces ∆T’s less than ± 2°C within 7 and 10 zone ovens (air or nitrogen)
    • Standard conveyor system supports a 20” (508 mm) process width
    • 10 zone process capability and control
    • Nitrogen replaces oxygen and provides greater profile flexibility and widens the process window
    • Prevents oxidation of solderable surfaces (promotes wetting) and of the molten solder, allowing for reduction of void levels
    • Stronger solder joints and shiny finish
  • The most powerful and Advanced Cleaner in the market.

    Aqua Klean Systems introduces the Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Zero-Discharge Cleaner, a new way to clean RMA, No-Clean, and Water Soluble (OA) fluxes. The T-8 incorporates an adjustable chemical injection pump to assist in keeping chemical wash concentration consistent.

    Equipped with 10 HP wash and rinse pumps, and two 15 HP turbine blowers, the Typhoon T15’s performance is unmatched.

    Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Cleaner:

    • Adjustable chemical injection pump for consistent concentration
    • Dynamic air blow-off to allow water free chemical isolation
    • Proprietary nozzle for correct flooding and impingement need to solubilize flux residues.

    Typhoon T-15 Water Soluble Cleaner:

    • Equipped with 10 HP wash and rinse pumps and two 15 HP turbine blowers (4 rinse sections and 2 dry sections)
    • Fits boards up to 24″ wide
  • Advanced inspection machinery with outstanding defect coverage.

    Vi Technology 5k SPECTRO:

    • Capabilities include: presence, absence, polarity, placement accuracy, solder joint inspection
    • Accurate tilt and coplanarity measurement of ICs, connectors, and passive components
    • For post print, mixed mode, pre reflow, or post reflow applications

Why Green Circuits

Extensive Knowledge, Proven Quality, Consistent Execution, Full Turn-Key Operations, Established Supply Chain.

  • Quick Turn Quality PCB Assemblies: Excellence in rapid process engineering and product assembly at both the board and system level
  • Scalability: Flexible production capability and capacity to ramp from small prototypes lots to full-scale production
  • Complex Engineering: Multi-disciplinary capabilities solving complex issues. The people, the process, the equipment
  • Accelerating Time to Market: Responsiveness and service. Quotes in as little as a few hours; 24/7 service and support
  • Quality and Certifications: A proven Quality Management System and a culture of continuous improvement that pushes the envelope on technology, speed and responsiveness
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