Design for Manufacturability

Design PCB’s for Manufacturability: Crucial Tips to Help You Optimize the Process

Design PCB for manufacturability (DFM) is one of the most critical stages in your product development process. The decisions made during this stage of development can have a huge impact on your costs of development and production.

At Green Circuits, our circuit design and assembly experts will guide you to reduce your time and costs of repairs and rework. This will help you to optimize your processes and product development while helping to ensure a high quality of compliance and production.

7 Tips to Optimize Your PCB Design for Manufacturability

  • Reduce the number of parts: Fewer parts mean fewer purchases, handling, processing, engineering, testing, and inventory management. All of which help to save costs. Avoiding left and right-hand parts, if possible, is also advised, and using multi-functional parts is recommended.
  • Choose a modular design: Using modules will simplify the manufacturing process, offering greater versatility in both design and structure.
  • Use standardized components: They’re less expensive, they reduce lead time, and they minimize risk of error in the handling and assembly stages of production. Standardizing designs can often lead to future innovations.
  • Evaluate design alternatives early in the process: Green Circuits offers layout review of your design PCB of manufacturability which analyze the number of parts you need and your tolerance requirements. Ease of handling is important and can be vital in reducing your risk of rework.
  • Maximize compliance: Compliance should be an integral part of the design and assembly process. It reduces the number of parts needed and reduces equipment damage.
  • Minimize manual handling: Minimal manual handling ensures easy product assembly. Often, many processes can be automated while symmetrical parts help to avoid failures.
  • Minimize assembly steps: This, along with minimizing tooling and set ups will speed up the design and manufacturing of your product substantially.

Although it may seem that design PCB for manufacturability involves more time and effort in the beginning the process will save you time and money in the long run, as it reduces the risk of error and rework.

Can Green Circuits Fulfill My Design PCB for Manufacturability Needs?

Our team at Green Circuits offers world-class manufacturing services and circuit board design. We proudly work with the leaders in several industries including, medical devices, military, telecommunications, industrial equipment aerospace and semiconductor testing.

Our design PCB for manufacturability solutions include material procurement, PCB layout review, assembly and manufacturing, as well as inventory management and shipping. Our PCB prototyping services catch any bugs in product design in the very early stages of manufacturing.

The Green Circuits team will create a personalized plan for you from our sprawling 8,000-square foot, ESD-controlled plant strategically situated close to San Jose Mineta International Airport.

Our ITAR and ISO-9000 Certifications only assure you of the highest quality we can provide. Special requests will be delivered within a 24-hour period. We also offer a local pick-up and delivery service in Silicon Valley, whenever needed.

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