• Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

    Five automated surface mount technology placement lines, each configured with:

    • Surface Mount Screen Printers by Ekra & Juki
    • VI Technologies Solder Paste Inspection – Inline
    • A minimum of 4 Juki SMT Placement Robots
    • Convection Reflow Ovens – Vitronics Soltec
  • Through- Hole

    • Three – Juki Cube 460 Selective Solder Systems
    • Press Fit Tool Arbor Press S-3550
  • Wash

    • Pnuematic Stencil Cleaner KED K-200
    • Aqueous Wash System Technical Devices Nu Clean Galaxy
    • Aqua Klean Systems
  • Inspection, Burn-In and Test

    • Microscopes Lecia MS-5
    • Microscopes Amscope SM-4TZ-144A
    • Microscopes Amscope SM-3BZ-80S
    • Testing/Inspection Tektronix TBS-1064
    • Tektronix TDS-1002B
    • BK Precision 1786B
    • BK Precision 9110 DC power supply
    • Ideal-Tek ST5S Smart Tweezers
    • Fluke Multi-Meters
    • Oven Burn in Yamato Scientific DKN-812 (2)
    • XACT 4 SI
    • OmniMax Platform
    • Vi Technology 5k SPECTRO
    • 3D XRAY: XT V 160
      • Real-time X-ray allows for intuitive navigation of complex printed circuit boards and electronic components to quickly trace defects. In automated inspection mode, samples can be inspected at the highest throughput.
    • Flying Probe Testers: Takaya APT-9411
      • The flying probe test system uses 4 high speed independently moving probes, to detect manufacturing defects on printed circuit boards- eliminating the requirement for a conventional bed-of-nails fixture.
  • BGA Rework

    • Conceptronic Freedom 3000+
    • BGA Air-flow system

Why Green Circuits

Extensive Knowledge, Proven Quality, Consistent Execution, Full Turn-Key Operations, Established Supply Chain.

  • Quick Turn Quality PCB Assemblies: Excellence in rapid process engineering and product assembly at both the board and system level
  • Scalability: Flexible production capability and capacity to ramp from small prototypes lots to full-scale production
  • Complex Engineering: Multi-disciplinary capabilities solving complex issues. The people, the process, the equipment
  • Accelerating Time to Market: Responsiveness and service. Quotes in as little as a few hours; 24/7 service and support
  • Quality and Certifications: A proven Quality Management System and a culture of continuous improvement that pushes the envelope on technology, speed and responsiveness
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