Green Circuits’ SMT Expansion

Green Circuits is pleased to announce that it has increased SMT (Surface Mount Technology) capabilities.

New Equipment with Increased Capability and Capacity

These additions bring the total number of Juki Automated SMT Placement platforms to 19, distributed over 5 complete SMT lines. The configuration and off-line set-up allows Green to deliver over 40 unique part numbers a day on quick-turn projects and maintain capacity to meet your production and unforeseen surge requirements.

New Equipment to Inspect More Thoroughly

In addition to the SMT expansion, Green has acquired and implemented technology to improve the inspection process:

The 5K 3D AOI systems provide complete test coverage by adding 3D to conventional 2D inspection.  These systems can quickly identify issues related to the component body and solder joints. The systems will be used in conjunction with the X-Tek and Dage X-Ray inspection systems and Takaya Flying Probe Testers to provide reliable and robust product testing and system integration.

New Equipment & Capabilities

Green has also expanded both its selective solder capacity with the addition of a 3rd Juki Cube and expanded both the functional test and product burn-in chamber capacity:

For additional information about Green’s services and capabilities or request a quote, feel free to contact Green at 408-526-1700.