Juki Cube Selective Solder System

Green Circuits just invested in a new Juki Cube 460 Selective Solder System.  The Cube 460 is Juki’s new, low cost selective soldering system. The Cube 460 offer a quick set up and eliminate expensive fixturing costs for through-hole application.  Tuan Tran, Vice of Sales & Marketing, commented “We (GC) will always continue to invest in new equipment and technology to make us better.  We understand that technology increases rapidly, especially in the Silicon Valley, and GC needs to continue to invest so we can keep up.”


Board dimensions (max.)

  •    460 x 460 mm

Solder paste

  •    leaded and lead free

Solder pot capacity (max.)

  •   50 kg leaded
  •   45 kg lead free

Solder paste temperature (max.)

  •    330 °C

For years, GC has been using wave solder for all through-hole applications.  With GC’s product mix of low volume and high technology, wave soldering was very cumbersome.  In many situations, GC finds itself hand soldering the few through-hole components to save time.   The Cube 460 will eliminate the need for hand soldering and offers great quality and consistency that hand soldering cannot offer.  Our quality manager, Robert Valles, states, “It is okay to hand solder 1 through-hole connector on a board, but when you have 10 (connectors) on a board it is very time consuming and hard to control consistency.  Although GC has some of best hand soldering and touch-up employees in Silicon Valley, the Cube 460 will just add another level of quality and service that we can offer to our customers.”

Our sprawling 14,000-square foot, ESD-controlled plant, conveniently located near San Jose Mineta International Airport, provides expedited service. We can deliver special requests within 24 hours. Local pick-up and delivery in Silicon Valley is also available if you need it. Being an ISO 9000, ITAR Certified, PCB manufacturing company assures our customers of consistently high quality.

Why Green Circuits

Extensive Knowledge, Proven Quality, Consistent Execution, Full Turn-Key Operations, Established Supply Chain.

  • Quick Turn Quality PCB Assemblies: Excellence in rapid process engineering and product assembly at both the board and system level
  • Scalability: Flexible production capability and capacity to ramp from small prototypes lots to full-scale production
  • Complex Engineering: Multi-disciplinary capabilities solving complex issues. The people, the process, the equipment
  • Accelerating Time to Market: Responsiveness and service. Quotes in as little as a few hours; 24/7 service and support
  • Quality and Certifications: A proven Quality Management System and a culture of continuous improvement that pushes the envelope on technology, speed and responsiveness