PCBA Prototype & Manufacturing Services Support in Hayward, CA

Green Circuits is an experienced electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner based in San Jose, California and providing quick-turn PCB design, prototype, and production assembly to companies in Hayward and its surrounding areas.

Green Circuits enables firms of all sizes to improve their production cycle while reducing manufacturing time and costs by ensuring product reliability, accuracy and performance through the utilization of:

What are Electronic Manufacturing Services?

Electronic Manufacturing Services is the term used to describe companies, like Green Circuits (a PCB assembly manufacturer), that offer design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, distribution, analysis and repair services for electronic components, such as PCBs (printed circuit boards), wires and cables on behalf of a product’s manufacturer, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Types of EMS Providers?

Often there are two types of EMS providers, (HMLV) High Mix Low Volume and HVLM (HVLM). A provider is classified as HMLV or HVLM based on their output volume, unit built, and the complexity or variation of assemblies completed by the provider. Green Circuits specializes in HMLV and HVLM quick-turn PCB assembly.

How to Choose an EMS Provider?

To choose and EMS partner, you should make sure the company has the knowledge, equipment, capabilities and a professionally trained team to provide a quality finished product, meet your product requirements, and turnaround time. Best practice is to choose a certified PCB assembly manufacturer and service provider, like Green Circuits to ensure optimal product performance, quality and reliability.