Manufacturing Day 2017

Green Circuits, San Jose CA

Interview with Tuan Tran, VP of Sales

Green Circuits (GC) recently hosted our first Manufacturing Day on October 6,2017.  Local business groups, elected officials and others were invited to see our newly updated facilities, production capabilities, and meet our team.

The following is an interview with Tuan Tran, VP of Sales for Green Circuits.  He was asked about GC, its growth, customer focus and the company’s future.

The Best Combination of Person and Machine For Your Project

Q:  What does Green Circuits do best?

We do small production runs and turnkey quick turn-arounds. But we take the time to figure out the fastest, most cost-efficient use of our machinery and skilled labor force. Often, the production process is best done by our very specialized machinery, but some tasks are best performed by our experienced and highly skilled manufacturing employees. We determine the best combination to deliver your product quickly and with the highest quality standards, whether it is a single prototype or a small run production.

Our manufacturing employees are not only experienced and highly skilled in their area of expertise, we cross-train them so they are versatile and can provide the skills needed for various steps in our manufacturing process. From hand-building a single circuit to operating our highly technical assembly machinery, we have the skills necessary to produce a wide variety of printed circuit boards. We are proud to currently employ 36 manufacturing workers.

Speed in Delivery – Cut Time in Half

Q:  Manufacturing in Silicon Valley must be difficult.  How do you differentiate GC?

“There is always someone in panic mode. We can and do respond, and we can go that fast; weekends, nights, whatever the client needs to deliver that last-minute prototype.  GC stands out for our quality and speed. We are the fastest at what we do.”

With over 400 competitors in the area, and 20 within a 5 mile radius, companies go to GC for very quick turn-around on small production. Our customers want to be the first to market and we help them get there.

Clients in All Types of Industries

Q:  Who are some of your clients and what do they do?

We work on a lot of interesting and exciting projects. But we can’t tell you about them.

Our clients and customers all have differing privacy needs. The nature of our business means we serve all kinds of companies, from super-secret startups, to large well-established local companies, to military applications, medical devices, and university experiments. To many of these clients, privacy is very important. Whether privacy is required to protect competitive advantage or mandated by our government security ITAR certification, we take it seriously.

We have established protocols for making sure we protect the privacy needs of each client. Our manufacturing workers are highly skilled but don’t know the specific uses of the boards they are building and testing unless the client gives us the ok. And we never share information or data about products we are building with other clients.

Some of our clients, however, are happy to share our involvement with their products like the Prosthetic leg manufacturer, Freedom Innovation, and more.