Expert PCB Rework and Repair Services

pcb rework

Green Circuits offers PCB rework services for all types of PCB boards including multi-layer, flex, and rigid-flex boards. As a recognized leader in PCB manufacturing, assembly and repair, our clients are confident of the quality and viability of results. Our state-of-the-art production facility in San Jose, CA is equipped with the best resources to ensure precision and integrity of output. Our PCB rework services include:

  • Manual and automatic inspection
  • Electronic testing of boards and components
  • Wiring, connectors, through-hole and surface mount (SMT) components
  • Selective soldering
  • Chip and component replacement and more

Single, double or multi-layer boards, rigid or flex PCB’s, we can rework and repair the most complex and challenging requests. Correct and timely PCB repair by our experts has helped many of our clients save on time and cost. Every circuit board undergoes stringent testing to ensure it meets your specifications and high performance requirements. Talk to us before you scrap the damaged, incomplete or incorrect printed circuit boards. We provide PCB rework services to some of the largest medical, high-end industrial, industrial pc, military, mobile/wireless, networking and semi-conductor equipment manufacturers – in small or large quantities.

Certified PCB Rework Services—Consistent Quality, Competitive Pricing
Green Circuits (formerly Power Design Services) is ITAR compliant registered, and ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified. This assures our clients that every job will meet the most stringent industry standards. Our PCB quality, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing has made us the preferred supplier for new PCB construction, electronic assembly and rework services. Connectors, BGA, through-hole, wiring, run and component replacements are no problem. Take advantage of our high quality, low cost PCB rework and repair servicesCall us at 408-526-1700 to learn more or send us an email about our PCB rework services.