Customer Service is Our Differentiation

Take Your Products to Market Faster with 24-Hour Turns on Prototypes  

quick electronic prototypesRapid prototyping shortens the process from the drawing board to the market by providing proof of concept for the end customer. The greatest advantage for manufacturers is that flaws can be identified prior to volume runs, thus reducing rework and waste.  However, the quality of output and service your contract manufacturer delivers is key to realizing the real benefits of rapid prototyping. Power Design Services offers world-class PCB prototype facilities with 24-hour quick turns to accelerate your production schedule.

Let’s examine how our key differentiator—customer service—gives clients an edge over the competition.

  • 24-hour turns on prototypes: When you have a tight deadline and budget, Power Design’s experience and efficiency counts. Our production facility is equipped withtop-of-the-line electronic assembly and inspection equipment and allows us to provide you with quality, speed and competitive   Large companies like Toshiba and Texas Instruments as well as smaller firms have realized the benefits of working with our veterans of the circuit board industry. Our team is flexible and we do our best to adjust to last minute changes.
  • Quote response in 2 to 4 hours: With a founding philosophy that customers come first, we provide rapid response to your prototyping as well as volume production requests. We have extensive experience with diverse industry requirements including medical device manufacturing, aerospace, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications and industrial engineering equipment. This allows us to quickly assess your instructions and material requirements and provide you with a customized prototyping quote in less than four hours.
  • No middlemen: Having a single source to manage the entire prototyping or PCBA process provides better quality control as well as shortens your product development cycle. Our customers benefit from our ability to manage every project in house. You talk directly with our prototype engineers who maintain constant communication with clients from proposal to delivery.
  • State-of-the-art facility reduces prototype time by 50%: The addition of approximately 5,000 sq. ft. to our existing 8,000-square foot, ESD-controlled plant located near San Jose Mineta International Airport has enabled us to handle twice the volume of electronic prototypes while cutting our prototyping time in half. We have also dedicated space for functional testing. This unique ability to test and troubleshoot circuit boards on site at our San Jose facility has helped clients reduce the risk of rework and speed up product development.
  • Special arrangements for Silicon Valley customers: Being close to San Jose Mineta International Airport enables us to provide fast response and reduce your time to market. When required, we also provide special pickup and delivery service for customers in the Silicon Valley area.

Being ISO 9000, ITAR Certified, assures you of our prototype and quick turn assembly quality.

Consult our team about how to reduce production time and cost with our 24-hour rapid prototyping services.

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