Electronic Rework Services

California PCB Manufacturer

Green Circuits specializes in PCB electronic rework and cost-effective updates/replacement of flex circuits and printed circuit boards. Every job is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee assuring you of quality and precision. Irrespective of whether your order is small or large, Green can get it back to you when you need. Veteran industry staff and the latest equipment enables Green to deliver on your most challenging requests. Companies all around the world rely on our low-cost PCB electronic rework services to help them save the cost of fabricating replacement circuit boards.

For more than 20 years, Green Circuits has provided state-of-the-art PCB design, assembly, manufacturing and rework services to local California and international companies. Green’s highly-experienced engineers and technicians continue to hone their skills in order to serve you better. A world-class facility, conveniently located in Silicon Valley, is equipped with some of the most sophisticated equipment and technologies in order to deliver the highly reliable results you need.

Consult our electronic rework experts before you throw out those circuit boards requiring manual rework. Chances are, we have a cost-effective, turnkey solution for the replacement or update of those chips, resistors, capacitors and connectors.

About Green Circuits: An Experienced Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider

Green Circuits is an experienced ITAR, ISO 13485 and AS-9100 Certified electronics manufacturer, specializing in quick-turn PCB prototype design, assembly, inspection, and rework. Green’s experts ensure product reliability and accuracy by performing thorough inspections and tests, using state-of-the-art equipment in our ESD-controlled facility, procuring premium quality components, a thorough understanding of Industry Standards and custom manufacturing requirements, and actively communicating with all product-involved teams throughout the manufacturing process.

Green Circuits enables firms of all sizes to improve their production cycle while reducing manufacturing time and costs by providing an array of turnkey manufacturing services to meet the unique requirements throughout the phases of your products life-cycle.