Turning a Circuit Board into a BGA

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Turn a Circuit Board into a BGA Have you ever thought of making a circuit board into a BGA?  It would make your total product smaller, costs less for assembly, requires fewer materials to manage…it’s a great idea.  Here’s an example of a happy customer who did just that with Green Circuits.

Recently a customer came to GC with the idea of turning their circuit board package into a BGA.  The customer wanted to have make an integrated circuit board that their end customer can just solder onto their existing BGA footprint.

GC ran a few experiments, create some prototypes, and was able to make this happen for the customer.  Now they have a circuit board package that acts like a BGA.

It is a plug-n-play solution now.  The new board is the size of a dime, or about 0.5” x 0.5”.  It utilizes a QFN part and with the BGA board it can drop it right into their existing board space.

The biggest challenge was trying to make all the solder balls the correct size.  BGA’s are tough to install so having uneven solder balls will be even more problematic for the assembler.  We applied 0.35mm solder ball sizes and the assembly went smoothly.

GC created about 30 electronic prototypes experiments for proof of concept and expanded to a production run of 400 pieces in just 15 days. The customer was ecstatic with Green Circuits’ capabilities to bring their ideas to market quickly.

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