Quick Turn PCB Prototype Assembly Time, Cost, and Benefits

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Reduce Your Cost and Time to Market

The PCB prototype assembly process at Green Circuits follows the same best practices as our complete turnkey production PCB services. Right from the initial design and layout review to selection and acquisition of the best parts, prototype assembly and testing, our goal is to help you achieve market viability with reduced production time and cost.

Here is a brief overview of our PCB prototype assembly process.

  • Layout review to determine design and manufacturing challenges: At Green Circuits, our PCB assembly process is designed to deliver optimal quality, accuracy and cost-savings. Our team works closely with you to ensure best practices are followed and to eliminate any manufacturing challenges before production begins.

Your PCB design and production team will benefit from our design experience, expert layout reviews and manufacturing feasibility assessments, which help avoid costly rework and market delays. While some clients take time to work out the bugs, others may take advantage of our alternate design and functionality suggestions to reduce production time and cost. Our team of industry veterans has the advanced capabilities to address your PCB issues in real time, either by phone or in person. Over 15 years of prototype assembly experience enables us to realize your product designs once your PCB layout is finalized. Read our PCB design rules to eliminate costly delays.

  • Selection and acquisition of appropriate materials: We follow a proven set of PCB fabrication rules to help you minimize manufacturing issues and the headaches associated with redesign. Choosing materials that can adequately handle the signaling task as well as achieve lowest overall PCB assembly cost is important. Our team has vast experience with diverse industries, including medical devices, aerospace, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications and industrial equipment. Count on us to provide expert advice that will save you time and money. Strong relationships with industry-leading suppliers allow us to procure materials fast and at competitive prices. Take advantage of our budgetary forecasts based on different models in order to make the most cost-effective choices.

This ability to offer end-to-end PCB assembly solutions has helped manufacturers that partner with us to reach their customers in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We are capable of handling multilayer PCB orders and prototype requests with a wide variety of materials. Learn more about your PCB material options.

  • Automated versus manual PCB assembly: As specialists in PCB prototype assembly, we are able to help you select the most cost-effective options for developing your product. With turnkey assembly services that handle the entire process of flex circuit or printed circuit production, you can count on us to simplify the complex logistics and process of product development through production. Our prototype design-engineering experts will discuss the pros and cons of automated versus manual PCB assembly to help you make profitable decisions as well as reduce rework.
  • 24-hour expedited service for special orders: If you need your PCB prototype assembly completed urgently, in most cases we can process your order in 24 hours. Being close to San Jose Mineta International Airport, we provide fast response and reduce your time to market. We also offer pickup and delivery service for customers in the Silicon Valley area.

Rely on fast and efficient turnkey assembly services to manage all aspects of circuit and PCB design, parts acquisition, fabrication and assembly. To make it easier for you, we will also handle warehousing. Our ITAR and ISO-9000 Certifications ensure your prototype assembly is on schedule and to the specifications your company has approved. In the rare instance an error should surface, we will fix it promptly.

Consult our dedicated and experienced team about how to reduce your product development time and cost. We will design a cost-efficient PCB prototype assembly solution to meet your specific needs.

Request a quote for Green Circuits’ quick turn PCB prototype assembly services today.